Frequently Asked Questions


Are socks required?


Can we bring in outside food/drink?


How much is a private party/event?

It depends on the number of people, how long you want to stay, if it is during normal business hours and we are still open to the public or if you need us to close during those hours for your event or if you would prefer it be held after normal business hours, and if you would like pizza/drink to be included.

Can adults play too?

Yes, we allow all ages to play on our equipment.

Do people that aren’t playing, have to pay?


Do you take debit/credit cards?


Do you have an ATM?

No, but we can give cash back on your debit card

Is your party room decorated?


Can we bring balloons for our party?

Yes, and any other decorations that you would like to add to your theme

What color party plates do you have?

Kid with Ball

Red, blue and green

Is there a time limit on the admission bracelet?

No, the bracelet is good for all day and unlimited rides

Can you leave and come back?

Yes, just keep your bracelet on because it has the date on it.

How long are birthday parties?

We schedule them in 2 hr blocks. The kids play for the first hour then have the party room for the second hour. They may go back out to play more after that because there is no time limit on the bracelets.

How many slices of pizza do you get with a birthday party?


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